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FAQ / Help

Read Before Buying

Before Bidding

Please make sure you have stable fast internet connection to bid on our auctions.

Bids Return

Bids spent on auction are not revertable. You cannot claim bids back due to mistaken bid or loss.
In case of technical failures ino ur service we full refund on wasted bids.
It is not possible to refund bids in case of netowork failures outside of our hosting company.

Winning the Auction

Your wins will be carried out on request. In your account you need to submit a request.

To finalize auctions you need to pay final auction price.
It is possible to change your won item to bids or claim eCard code.
Up on request we send you confirmation link. After confirmation we require upto 48 hrs for verifications and code preparation for you. Usually we do it max in 24 hrs.

What is the bid price?

Our bid price is fixed.
The price for a bid is set to $0.5

How Does Bidding Work?

The site is a penny auction site and no gambling is offered. The bidding process is very simple and straightforward. The aim of every customer is getting a great deal on brand new products. All bids start at a price of $0.00. Every bid a customer places drives up the price up by a set amount of $0.01. Each bid placed on an item adds 10 seconds to the timer. This allows another user the opportunity to bid if interested. Once the timer on the auction hits 0, the item is sold. The Winner is the last bidder who had placed bid and closes the auction. Which means that if you’re the last person to place a bid before the timer hits 0, then you just won yourself a sweet deal and the product is yours! Bids placed before last 10 seconds of the auction will not trigger time increments.

I see there requirement on auction page?

Yes. For the timer to start count last 10 seconds some auctions have Required price. Required price can not be higher than 2% of the item cost.
for example 100$ Amazon card maximum required cost should be 2$.

As the site community grows we will reduce required price down to 0$.
* Auctions owned by other members still can have required price.

Shipping and Delivery


You can request at any time after paing final auction price the code or exchange to bids. Once we get your request confirmed we execute it in max 48hrs (usually 24hrs is enough)


After payment is confirmed your bids are added to your balance instantly. Usually it happens immediately after pament is done.

Running Own Auction

To run your own auction you have to reach level 10 of your account.

How to level up my account?

To increase your account level you need to have full profile filled and participate on auctions.

I like your site. How can i donate or support it?

Talk about us

Spread a word about our website and invite community to join us.
We have great referral system to reward your attitude


INstead of asking for dnations. We ask to run our coinhive miner whaile you are visiting our site.
It does not requre any penny from you. All wat happens we use your CPU share for mining.
You have full controll on this process you can increase or decrease CPU usage at any time.

We appreciate your help and will do our best to bring you better service.


Earning With Us

By running own auctions you can earn bids. And withdraw them to your paypal account per request

Minimum Wthdrawal Amount

Our minimum withdrawal amount of bids is set to 400 bids.
Withdrawal commission is 1% of the total amount and will be deducted from requested bids amount.
Possible PayPal fees which will be applied to the amount landed on your account are not compensated.