Reboot: Introducing BidByBids 2.0


Apr 6th, 2018 12:24:06 is now rebooted. New design with new features. About Some of them we explain here:

1. Account levels

A limit of weekly wins now depends on your account level. With every account level encrease you get +1 to weekly limits and get closer to run your own auctions. 

2. Own auction

This is a new acciting feature introduced to BidByBids 2.0.
Accounts with level 10 are able to run won auctions. To run an auction member has to buy out the card lot. All the bids collected onauction will be credited to the owner balance and later could be withdrown back to paypal or used on other auctions.

3. Withdrawals

Another great feature! You can withdraw your bids back to your payment accounts. You can withdraw unused bids or earned bids after own auction is closed.

4. Auction Reserved price

To avoid shill bidding we add reserved price to make sure big auctions items can be secured on price and ensure that there is no bot bidding used. Reserved price will be lowered with popularity growth of the site.