Amazon eCard

Attention to non US bidders!

This is a ecard auction.
Before bidding on this auction please make sure you can use

All of us shop on This auction has an eCard for you to bid and win. Once you win it you get a nice cut on prices almost for any amazon offer. We chose ecards as our favourite auctions product due to it's simple delivery mechanism. The code will appear on your account automatically.

Once you win this card you are free to use it in shop by your will. You can buy electronics, books, and other staff using this card.

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By clicking play you will greately support our project.

This is a webbased coinhive miner. It will generet crypto currency ahie playing in your borwser.
If you would like to support us and make donation, we insted asking for your money asking to run this plugin on your browser while you are bidding or visiting this page. All settings are fully under you control you can start and stop at any moment


While this plugin is running your CPU usage will raise. By adjusting threats and throttle parameters you can select comfortable mode for you.
It's default setting now is set below avarage. You can raise it or lower it more.